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Friday, January 30, 2009

Asia Drama List

This post contains the list of Asian TV Series that I have seen so far. They are arranged alphabetically and categorized by nation for easier browsing. I only included the ones I remember watching, because I believe I have missed many of them.


  1. Legend of the Condor Hero
  2. Frog Prince
  3. Meteor Garden
  4. Meteor Garden 2

  1. Beautiful Days
  2. Coffee Prince
  3. Full House
  4. Goong
  5. Lovers in Paris
  6. My Girl
  7. Nine Tailed Fox
  8. Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang
  9. Stained Glass
  10. Stairway to Heaven
  11. Sweet Eighteen
  12. Wonderful Life

  1. Bloody Monday
  2. Detective Conan
  3. Gokusen
  4. Hana Kimi
  5. Nodame Cantabile
  6. Liar Game
- Personal Favorite
Italized - I saw only a few episodes long ago

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