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Monday, January 19, 2009

First Things First

I've actually been a blogger for several years already, but I'm more active at LiveJournal. My first blog entries though were actually from here, Blogger.

Recently I've finally decided to become active here as well since many of the blogs I come across with are from Blogger. So here I am.

My LiveJournal account is still my main journal though, but I'll do my best to be active in this one as well.

For the meantime I will make this as my Book Blog. So all stuff related to novels, graphic novels, and other reading materials aside from Manga or Japanese comics will fall under here.

I will also be trying my very best to lessen my typographical and grammatical errors on this one. My retarded and crazy personality will still be applied in my entries here of course, haha, but I'll try my best to behave better because I want this to sound more . . .errr . . .professional than my other blog. Haha! But like the other one, I'll still make my entries informal. Just not that rich in emoticons.

I also plan to make my entries here as short as I can, since Blogger doesn't have a "Cut" feature unlike LiveJournal and Wordpress. This will be a problem to me since I'm incredibly . . . typative. Haha! But this is helpful in a way too because it will help me avoid mentioning unecessary stuff.

I am very very lazy to design my own layout, so I just picked a template from the existing ones. This one caught my attention because of the colors: Blue and Silver (or Gray rather). That's my favorite color combination, so it was perfect! Hehe.

The title of my main journal is "Expression of Deviance", so I wanted this to be something similar. Like having it start with the words "Expression of . . . " too. Titles that came to my mind were "Expression of Delight", "Expression of Delirium", and "Expression of Ecstacy".

Or perhaps I should name it with something completely different. Titles like "Mystical Delusions", "Wicked Passions", "Abnormal Realm", and "Labyrinth of Insanity" came to my mind.

For now, I'll name it "Expression of Deviance" too until I've finally decided on the title.

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