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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

To be honest, I hurried in reading this because I wanted to read my new novels as soon as possible xD I didn't have high expectations on it anymore because Lecter wasn't the main villain ^^; But I guess my expectations had become too low, because it's actually pretty good ^_^ I wasn't that satisfied with the ending but I admit that it had taken me by surprise xD (thrillers that can surprise me are good, imo, haha). I prefer to read the novels focused on Lecter next, but it seems that I need to read the sequel first in order to be able to relate on the later books in case it'll make references x_x

But . . . from spoilers, it seems that the Silence of the Lambs (the sequel) is the same with Red Dragon, only that there's a different cop for a main character and villain x_x That lost my motivation to read more Lecter novels x_x
Besides, there are many novels I want to read ^^; I guess I'll put Thomas Harris' books in lower priority for now. But if ever I'll be able to watch the movie versions of the Thomas Harris books I haven't read yet and they turned out to be bloody awesome, then I might change my mind xD Hehe.


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